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In order to achieve maximum understanding, the objectives identified as learning outcomes must be written clearly and reflect the specific learning and behavior which are expected. Objectives are written as major outcomes and stated to require critical thinking.

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Teachers should understand that they must make careful decisions about the specific sub skills and prior learning needed to reach these objectives. These professionals are encouraged to reflect with others teaching the same curriculum for this purpose and also to identify the most appropriate resources and methods of assessment. The assessments are directly aligned with the objectives.

Therefore, the objectives in this guide are designed to provide direction to the teacher in order to facilitate instructional planning. All teachers, parents and students should be informed of the expected outcomes i. Offered by invitation only to rising juniors who display special ability in English.

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Equivalent to a first year college English course, students taking this course will be prepared to take the College Board's Advanced Placement Test in English Language and Composition. The course will focus on two major aspects of language: the development of interpretive skills through reading prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines and rhetorical contexts, and the development of writing styles that focus on the writers' purpose, while encompassing expository, analytical and argumentative writing.

Students may receive college credit or advanced standing, depending upon their test scores and individual college policy. Objective 1 : Students will read non-fiction literary works, analyze them for rhetorical strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies. RL 1,2,4,7, 10; RI 1,2,4,5,6, Objective 2 : Students will write in various styles and genres for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Students will use rhetorical strategies to write persuasive pieces. Objective 3 : Students will verbally share information and participate in class discussions, small group activities and formal presentations.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: The Basics

Objective 4 : Students will listen to each other, to their instructors, to guest speakers and to information presented orally or by way of audio recording in order to process, analyze and discuss information as heard and understood. RI7, W6,8.

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You will be given a single passage, and your responsibility is to take the information and create a point of view. You can choose any side that you want, and you can actually decide to pick neither side as well. Just make sure that you back up your point as well as you can using information from the passage provided. If you need some last minute AP English Language and composition writing tips, here goes. These tips are going to make it easier for you to be at your best and make sure you can perform well.

250 AP® English Language & Composition-Semester 1 (Honors Process of Composition)

You want to know how to pass an English language exam, and these resources are going to make it even easier for you to practice because they provide you with the information you need to know as well as examples of what the test itself is going to look like. Hopefully, these 45 tips are going to make it a lot easier for you to figure out how to prepare for the AP English Language exam. These AP English Language tips and test-taking strategies should tell you what is most important and how you can get a better grade. If you want to know when different AP tests will be, check out our post on that here.

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AP Language & Composition

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