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This usually means 25 copies. Why do these copies have to be paper copies, not electronic ones? They have to be paper copies because during the discussion period, your fellow students and I will be writing notes to you in the margins of your paper and suggesting line-by-line corrections. In other words, you will be receiving immediate, personal, face-to-face feedback.

This course may well give you more feedback on your writing than you have ever had while also giving you multiple occasions to offer constructive feedback to others. Your papers should be beautifully written, logical, grammatically correct, perceptive, convincing, well-documented where appropriate , entertaining and neatly presented.

You need not make title pages nor need you enclose your essays in plastic folders. Ordinary staples will be sufficient. You should be aware that you will be required to tell me what you plan to write about, discuss your sources, and show me and the rest of your classmates your notes, outline, and rough draft. You will also be discussing your rough draft with me in a one-on-one conference.

Please select your research topic as early as possible. You are responsible for knowing what constitutes plagiarism. To refresh your memory, please see WP Cutting and pasting from Internet sources is particularly unwise and particularly easy to trace. Simply pick those that work best for you. Five Pages, due FEB. Reply as fully as possible to the question.

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Topic announced only after students finish taking the in-class essay exam. Take your exam essay home and revise, rewrite, and polish it. The result will be graded. Bring your Norton Sampler to class next time. Be prepared to write in class next time. In-class writing exercise. There is no final examination in this course. Her poems have been praised by Wendell Berry, Jane Hirshfield, Marge Piercy, and Dennis Nurkse for their beauty, precision, originality, and extraordinary range.

Also a screenwriter, she has sold feature-length scripts to Warner Brothers as well as to independent film companies. Assignment deadlines are listed in the Dropbox and on the calendar. Late assignments must be submitted to the appropriate Late Dropbox see each assignment Dropbox for penalties.

Failure to turn in any assignment by the due date may result in a grade of F for the entire course. The following two statements 1.

Syllabus of ENG 102 - English and Composition II

Read the document in its entirety here. Refer to the student handbook provided by your home institution to review the student conduct policy. Links to library materials such as electronic journals, databases, interlibrary loans, digital reserves, dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and librarian support and Internet resources needed by learners to complete online assignments and as background reading will be included within the course modules.

Qualified students with disabilities will be provided reasonable and necessary academic accommodations if determined eligible by the appropriate disability services staff at their home institution. Prior to granting disability accommodations in this course, the instructor must receive written verification of a student's eligibility for specific accommodations from the disability services staff at the home institution. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with their home institution's disability services staff and to follow the established procedures for having the accommodation notice sent to the instructor.

The instructor reserves the right to make changes as necessary to this syllabus. If changes are necessitated during the term of the course, the instructor will immediately notify students of such changes both by individual email communication and posting both notification and nature of change s on the course bulletin board. The information contained in this syllabus is for general information purposes only.

While we endeavor to keep this information up-to-date and accurate, there may be some discrepancies between this syllabus and the one found in your online course. The syllabus of record is the one found in your online course.

Syllabus design

Please make sure you read the syllabus in your course at the beginning of the semester. Questions regarding course content should be directed to your instructor. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. UNIV Syllabus. Course Information. Course Outcomes: Your project or research paper illustrates the extent to which you can manage a significant independent study project in a thoughtful and professional manner expect to spend hours on your project during the course of the semester. Students will be able to apply critical thinking to their field of study. Students will be able to independently implement an action plan to address a problem related to their field of study.

Course Description

Students will be able to use scholarly sources to write a research paper related to their field of study which states a thesis and leads to a conclusion. Course Topics:. Specific Course Requirements:. Required Textbooks: Please visit the Virtual Bookstore to obtain textbook information for this course. Supplementary Materials:. Hardware and Software Requirements: Minimum hardware requirements can be found here. Download the PowerPoint Viewer here. You also view sample sessions to see what Smarthinking offers and how it works.

Research Aptitude MCQs (Testing Tuesdays) - NTA NET Paper 1 (New Syllabus 2019)

Information on other student issues or concerns can be located on the TN eCampus Student Resources page. Instructor Information. Testing Procedures: none. Academic Research Paper Option: The research paper should consist of academic research that illustrates the extent to which you can synthesize, analyze, and compile information gleaned from scholarly research in a thoughtful and professional manner. Paper must have one inch margins and be double spaced using Times New Roman or Arial point font, and be pages long. Use of at least eight peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10 years no more than two additional sources beyond the eight required from popular journals, books, or websites.

Paper must be written from a neutral perspective, effectively use the research to support the thesis, and in third-person voice, formal style with no grammatical or spelling errors. Following are the components necessary to successfully complete the research paper assignment: Paper Proposal and Literature Review - Submit a Proposal identifying your thesis and describing your academic background.

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  5. You will also complete an annotated bibliography of at least eight scholarly sources in APA Style with the purpose of demonstrating the value that each chosen source will have in your research an example is available in the Proposal Module under Course Content. Rough Draft - Complete one rough draft for submission. It should be a complete paper, and be sent to the Smarthinking writing tutorial service several days before the deadline.

    Students should upload the rough draft and the Smarthinking markup in the Rough Draft Dropbox. Final Draft - Final papers should reflect changes suggested by the instructor, as well as continue to follow the guidelines for the rough draft. The paper should be submitted to Smarthinking and follow the same procedure as the rough draft.

    Presentation should cover questions outlined in the assignment. Project Option The project should illustrate the extent to which you can manage a significant independent student project in a thoughtful and professional manner. Please read rubric for more detail : Reference Page according to APA guidelines documenting at least three peer-reviewed, technical, or professional sources published within the last 10 years. All documents should have one inch margins and be double spaced using Times New Roman or Arial point font, and be pages long.

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    Project should be consistent with hours of senior level work and meet the minimum guidelines set forth for your individual project by your instructor. Following are the components necessary to successfully complete the research paper assignment: Project Proposal and Action Plan - Submit a Proposal identifying your project purpose and describing your academic background.

    You will also explain the specific end product and how you will evaluate your results. Complete an week-by-week outline of your project timetable and a list of at 2 - 4 scholarly or technical sources relevant to your project topic in APA style. Project students must also identify a professional in your project field to review the proposal and provide guidance throughout the semester. The mentor may not be related to the student and must have professional working knowledge of the topic.

    Mentors will complete the Mentor Agreement to be submitted with the Proposal, as well as an evaluation at the end of the semester.